Pak-it Products 
offers a Year-End Rebate Program

Once you purchase $400.00 of products within a calendar year, you are automatically eligible for a year-end rebate. You earn the rebate in the calendar year and you get to use it as a credit off your first order in the following year. You use your rebate to spend like cash on Pak-it Products.
Rebate amounts will be calculated as follows:

4% rebate on all PREPAID orders from 1/4/16 - 12/29/16
5% rebate on all PREPAID orders from 1/4/16 - 12/29/16 for orders totaling $1,200 or more
2% rebate on all COD orders from 1/4/16 - 12/29/16

To be eligible for the rebate program you must be a Store Front Retail Business that sells alcohol for off premise consumption.
Rebates are calculated on the purchase price of the product ONLY.
Shipping and COD charges do not apply toward the rebate. The total amount of your rebate will be calculated from your purchases through 12/29/15 
and will be available to you on 1/2/17. Rebate credit must be used in the calendar year in which it is issued. Co-op accounts are eligible for the rebate program but their spending thresholds are double that of a retail account. Distributors are not eligible for a rebate. The purchase of discontinued products, wine shippers and custom products, do not qualify for the rebate program.

Current Rebate Information

You're current year's rebate available is $0.00. You have used $0.00 of this year's rebate amount.