Black & Tan "Turtle"  Spoon - Carded

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Black & Tan "Turtle" Spoon - Carded


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Item Number: TURTLE


The ultimate brew tool for creating the classic Black and Tan and other delicious layered beers.  Most black and tan enthusiasts leave it to their bartender to construct this legendary beer; but with Lagerhead's Black and Tan Turtle, you can create your own perfect beverage with ease. 
How do you use the tool?  Simply chill the beer, then half fill a standard pint glass with the bottom beverage.  Place the Lagerhead Turtle on the rim of the glass, then gradually pour the Irish stout over the turtle's back to form the top layer.  

This turtle head doubles as a "Snapper" bottle opener.

This product is sold in distinct quantities of 3, 6 and 12.

 3 @ $7.00 ea. $21.00
 6 @ $6.75 ea. $40.50
12 @ $6.50 ea. $78.00

Suggested Retail $11.99

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