6 Pack Bottle Cappers for Glass Beer Bottles

6 Pack Bottle Cappers for Glass Beer Bottles


Item Number: BC-100


Our thicker bottle cappers can be used universally for all Domestic and International beers, 12 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. Use these bottle cappers by capitalizing on case deals and turn them into 6 pack profits. They are also GREAT for cleaning up loose bottles and turning them into saleable units. They are easy to use. A plastic tab on the carrier grips under the bottle cap for secure fit.

You may choose to use rubber bands around the base of the bottles to prevent the bottles from clanking together. Rubber bands are sold separately at 600/bag. Click here for rubber bands.

This product is sold in cases of 300, 550 and 1125.
If you purchase 3375 carriers, they will arrive to you in 3 cases.

 300  qty   $48.00 .16 ea.
 550  qty    $84.50 .15 ea.
1125  qty $157.50 .14 ea.
3375  qty $421.05 .12 ea.

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