26" Tubular Shrink Wrap for Gift Baskets

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26" Tubular Shrink Wrap for Gift Baskets


PACKED: roll

Item Number: TS26


This roll of basket shrink wrap is 26" wide, 100 gauge, 1 mil thick, high clarity and 200 feet long. Give up stocking many different sizes of shrink wrap bags and just keep 2 rolls of tubular shrink wrap on hand instead. This wonderful shrink wrap is easy to use. It comes in 2 widths: 18” and 26” and it comes on one long continuous 200 ft. roll. Tubular shrink wrap means that the wrap is already sealed on both the left and right edges. To wrap handled or oval baskets, simply measure how much film you need by adding 8” to the top of your handled basket, open up your shrink wrap so that it looks like a tube, drop your basket in, seal the bottom with your heat gun, tie the top with a pull bow and shrink. For flat trays, simply slide your basket in from one side and seal the other 2 sides. It's easy. Give it a try.